Troll 2


If made correctly, Troll 2 could have been a fairly standard low budget horror film. Instead it is a notoriously terrible one. The main reason for this is very specific. Troll 2 was a consequence of several communication breakdowns between the cast and those behind the camera.

The director and rest of the crew were all native Italians. They spoke to each other in the Italian language. However, the film was being made with English speaking actors. This meant that the cast were often left confused while being instructed on set. They were unsure of how to perform and as a consequence did a poor job at representing the characters.

This language issue also severely affected the script. It was written by someone who spoke Italian as their first tongue. The various nuances of this language were lost in translation. This also made the dialogue seem stilted, strange and at times incomprehensible.


The issues around the making of Troll 2 are very unique. For all intents and purposes the film is made by professionals. They were specifically brought into the US due to their technical skills. This can be seen in the formal aspects of the film. The sound and camera work are performed to a proficient degree.

Troll 2 shows us that language is an important part of the film making process. Communication is an essential part of production. If the cast are not given the right instructions they can have difficulty bringing their characters to life. Up and coming film directors should take heed of this lesson and make sure that they do not make the same mistakes in their own work.

Manos: The Hands Of Fate



Manos: The Hands Of Fate is a strange film from the 1960’s that was created by someone who had no idea how movies work. It was lost for decades but has since been rediscovered. It has gained an audience due to the fact that it is “so bad it’s good”.

It begins with an overly long sequence establishing the setting for the story. This could have been done with a few short shots. Instead it takes up a significant amount of screen time. The effect that this has is to make the viewer bored.


The main source of tension is a character called Torgo who invites a family into a dangerous house. Unfortunately, Torgo is not presented in a scary way. Instead the costume, characterisation and cinematography make him seem ridiculous to the point of being comical.

This film shows us that in order to create a motion picture the people behind it need to have an understanding of form. This can be done by studying what makes the best movies work. Manos: The Hands Of Fate is a prime example of amateurs doing a poor job.