A Definition

A film director is the creative visionary behind the motion picture. They decide the tone and overall look of the finished product. Directors are often seen as the author of the movie they are making. In order to become one a person has to have an in depth knowledge of creating films. This usually means that a director has been studying and experimenting with the art form since they were young.

Sometimes a director will also write the script. When the screenplay is written by someone else the director still has creative control over where the story will go. Therefore they will often rewrite the script to fit how they want the movie to be.

Film directors mainly focus on the production stage of move making. They oversee a large number of departments during this time. For this reason a director is usually seen as the boss of the project. They have one of the most powerful positions.

Famous Film Directors

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most revered film directors of all time. He was known as the master of suspense for the way he excited audiences. His career spanned from the early days of silent cinema up to the 1970’s. During these decades he made a number of masterpieces. Vertigo is cited by many critics as the greatest film ever made. Psycho has been extremely influential to the horror genre. Hitchcock contributed a number of important theories which have helped future creators of the art form.

Ingmar Bergman was a Swedish director who helped to popularise the films of that country. His works were often sombre and reflected the human condition. He used a troupe of actors who became well known as the regular cast of his movies. The Seventh Seal focues on a knight who plays chess with the Grim Reaper. Wild Strawberries deals with growing old and facing the later years of life. Bergman made stage plays when not working in the film industry.

David Lynch is inspired by the Surrealist art movement. His movies more often than not have strange or incomprehensible plot lines. He is most noted for the high quality sound design in his work. Blue Velvet tells the tale of a young man who finds a severed ear and attempts to investigate further. Lynch also made a film version of his popular TV show Twin Peaks, which has since gained high recognition with the public.

Francis Ford Coppola is responsible for the Godfather films. The first two are on the lists of several critics favourite movies. They are about a mafia dynasty during the mid to late 20th century. Coppola also directed the war epic Apocalypse Now starring Marlon Brando.