Jaws is an example of how to do a film right. Director Steven Spielberg was new to the industry but proved that he could be a master at the craft. His use of suspense and action in this film helped to make him one of the most recognised people in the entire industry.

Jaws focuses on a police chief who must save his town from a shark that is attacking people. He brings along a scientist and shark hunter to help him bring down this menace. The film has a number of iconic scenes and characters. It is perhaps best remembered for the atmospheric and intense score composed by John Williams.

While filming the movie there were problems with the mechanical shark being used. Eventually it proved to be unusable. Therefore Spielberg resolved to shoot the film from the shark’s point of view instead. This helped to create an even more intense sense of menace.

The various production problems have been talked about in several books. There were technical issues with the times of day that they could shoot at sea. Several cast members were causing friction on set. The fact that Spielberg faced these and still managed to create such a fantastic film is extremely impressive.

When it was released in cinemas, Jaws terrified audiences. There are reports of people running out of the theatre. It is the reason that many people are afraid to go into the sea. It remains one of the best executed horror films of all time.