Shaun Of The Dead

Shaun of the Dead is a great example of how to create a hybrid genre film. In this case it mixes horror with comedy. The movie does not sacrifice one for the other. In some scenes the zombie rampages are scary. Other times the character’s decisions are hilarious.

The movie has also been noted for its high level of foreshadowing. Throughout the running time the director leaves little Easter eggs which inform the viewer of events that are soon to come. This can be seen in one of the earliest scenes where the entire plot is secretly spelled out through clever dialogue.

The high quality of the film can be attributed to the collaboration between the director and cast. they had previously worked together on the sitcom Spaced. This meant that they had enough experience to get the best results from one another.

Often the best movies come from productions where the people have been working together for some time. Getting a troupe of actors together and developing a rapport is a useful tip for new filmmakers to learn. Knowing an actor’s potential and range is an important skill.