The Room

The Worst

The Room is often cited as the worst film ever made. Those who work in the industry can use The Room as an example of how not to make a movie. It was written and directed by Tommy Wiseau, who also starred as the lead character.

Since its 2003 release, this film has been widely ridiculed and panned by critics. The purpose was to create a drama about love and life. Instead the scenes are so bizarre that they often elicit unintended laughter in the viewer.

The Room has since become a cult film for all the wrong reasons. Independent cinemas screen it so that audiences can mock it. The people behind it have since embraced the comical nature of The Room. They attend Q&A’s each year and have managed to gain a profit years after the movie’s initial release.


There are a number of mistakes that Wiseau made while creating this motion picture. These include both form and narrative. The script contains storylines that are introduced and never resolved. Questions about character motivations are rarely answered. The story has been likened to one that could have been written by an alien.

Throughout its running time there is an abundance of errors in terms of continuity, cinematography and editing. A fan base has been developed which seeks to find these. The dialogue is perhaps the most notable aspect in this regard.

Part of the film’s appeal is how awful it is. The acting is amateurish and laughably awkward. The cast members clearly suffer from a lack of direction. Those who want to make movies themselves should learn from The Room. The main lesson is to not take on too many jobs. Film directing entails an amount of delegation. Tommy Wiseau wanted to do as much as he could and as a result the film suffered direly.