The Shawshank Redemption

It is no wonder that The Shawshank Redemption has achieved such wide acclaim from viewers and audiences alike. When analysing the film it becomes clear just how masterful a work it really is. The story is that of a young man who is convicted for a crime that he may not have committed. The film follows him as he endures a hard life in the prison system of America.

Tim Robbins plays Andy, who must struggle with a number of hardships. These include beatings, loss of friendship and feelings of hopelessness. Robbins was given the character of his career with this film and has not surpassed his performance even years later.

Morgan Freeman also gives a stand out performance as another inmate called Red. This movie helped the industry to realise how good a voice actor Freeman was. Afterwards he was in high demand for narration roles. This included the documentary March of the Penguins.

The plot moves further in time as Andy begins to suspect that he will never be released. A key theme in the film is hope. The ending focuses on both Red and Andy finding their hope again despite being in a bad situation.

The script is based on a story by horror writer Stephen King. Frank Darabount bought the rights to the 96 page novella and expanded it into a motion picture of over two hours in length. Darabount would also go on to direct the film.

Upon release The Shawshank Redemption was given a high amount of critical praise. Some people have even named it their favourite film of all time. This can be seen in the rating system of the website IMDb, where it is frequently in the top ten.

People often note the emotionally satisfying ending for the reason why it is such as good movie. After enduring so much hardship the protagonists eventually get the conclusion they deserve. The weight of all two hours crash down on the audience in a wave of intense feelings. Very few films can compare to the emotions felt after watching The Shawshank Redemption. This is likely the reason for why it has endured for so long. It seems likely that decades from now, viewers will still seek it out to enjoy.